Direct Burial (DB) Stake Body Unit

The DB Stake Body mounts a 9 foot stake style body onto a small (usually F550 size) chasis. The main features include a reel stand with a power arbor drive, a front mounted bumper winch, hydraulic capstan, stake racks and a drop down tail gate. Hydraulic controls are located in the curb side rear of the body. The deck includes flush mounted tie downs rated for a 2000 pound maximum capacity.

Behind the cab on the curb side there is storage available for signs as well as tool boxes located on both sides under the deck. Next to the tool boxes on the curb side there is a sheave pivot point which contains an adjustable receiver tube to assist with operation of the capstan.

Controls for the capstan can be operated by hand at the rear controls or by utilizing foot controls which can reach 25 feet. The foot control is equiped with a pendant style fail safe. The hydraulic tank has a 25 gallon capacity and contains a fluid level indicator and a temperature gauge. Shut off valves are located on both the supply and return lines.